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Rex Pushes Revis for DPOY

Darrelle Revis has a supporter in his head coach for his Defensive Player of the Year candidacy.

"I went back and looked and I was going to be subtle about this, but if he’s not the NFL Defensive Player of the Year something is wrong with the system. Nobody, and I mean nobody in maybe the history of the game, has had the challenges that he’s faced week in and week out. You look at the top receivers in this game now that he’s gone out and matched with and literally almost shut down.

"I’ve been around guys that have earned it, Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. Of course, those guys deserve those awards, but I don’t think those guys even had the impact that Darrelle Revis has had on this football team. I think that’s why ... he’s earned that award."

That's quite a statement, saying Revis has had a bigger impact than Lewis and Reed. I mean, you're talking about two future Hall of Famers.

Indeed it is. If you've read this site recently, you know where I stand on this issue. Revis is an ultimate defensive weapon. He can single handedly take the other team's best weapon out of a game. Who else in the league can do this? He has had to stick with the opposition's best receiver all game and has dominated this year. That's not even close to hyperbole.

Do you agree with Rex and me?