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Sanchez Seems Good to Go

Rex seems to think Mark Sanchez looked good enough in practice to play on Sunday.

Sanchez and Clemens split reps with the first team today in practice. The plan is, if Sanchez’ knee feels good tomorrow, for Sanchez to take all the snaps with the first team tomorrow.

"I’m not ready to say absolutely on that until we see how he is tomorrow and we check with our medical staff,’’ Ryan said. "You want to make sure there’s no swelling or anything and that he feels good, that he got through the night.

"I’m not even saying that we’ll know for sure a definite answer tomorrow,’’ Ryan went on. "We’ll just have to see. This is a big decision. He’s got to show that he’s able to protect himself before we’re going to be 100-percent committed in him playing Sunday.’’

Ryan said he was very encouraged with what he saw from Sanchez yesterday, though, saying, "Last week he wasn’t able to do anything on the field, so he’s much further along than he was last week. If you were just watching him, you wouldn’t know if he had (an injury) issue or not. He’s not favoring his leg or anything.’’

This sounds very good. I think all of us have seen enough of Kellen Clemens.