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GangGreen Defense Stepping Up -- Now Ranked #1 in PPG/YPG


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After another great showing by the GangGreen D this weekend --- allowing just three points while on the road, the J-E-T-S now find themselves ranked  #1 in Total Defense (ypg) and #1 in Points Allowed in the NFL.

The Jets have also moved up to #6 in Takeaways per game -- A big upgrade from where they were following the Jacksonville loss, when  the defense's integrity and tenacity were questioned for lack of turnovers and inability to come up big when we needed them to.

Well things have changed. The 3-4 "House that Rex Built" is finally coming together, and the Jets are flying high and  finally find themselves back above .500 as a result. One week at a time...

NFL Defensive Rankings:

  • #1 in Total Defense (264.7 ypg)
  • #1 in Points Allowed (16.2 ppg)
  • #2 in Touchdowns Allowed (1.8/game)
  • #6 in Takeways (2.0/game)
  • #7 in Opponent's Red Zone Scoring Percentage (44.4%)
  • Also..... Thanks to the exceptional play from the OLine, they are the #1 ranked rushing team @ 169.1 ypg. Even with Leon out.... Impressive.