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Jets Flight Connections 121409


It is a good Monday morning, as the Jets won yesterday against Tampa Bay, thanks to a conservative game plan and a stingy defense.

The defense broke Tampa's will early on and dominated the game, although LB Bart Scott lost his cool at one point.

FS Kerry Rhodes also contributed.

QB Kellen Clemens did just enough to not lose the game by not turning the ball over, and Mark Sanchez staying home was a good idea.

WR Brad Smith helped out a ton on offense.

Tampa native K Jay Feely was the leading scorer.  He and former Buccaneer RB Thomas Jones both had a good day.

Mark Cannizzaro grades the Jets.

The Jets playoff hopes went from Mission: Impossible to improbable and stay alive for the post-season hunt.

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Your daily Pro Bowl reminder - Vote for Darrelle Revis, Thomas Jones and other deserving Jets.  Vote as many times as you want here.

Here is where we stand with the playoffs.

Fortunately, the Dolphins also won.

Unfortunately, the Patriots also won.

Unfortunately, the Ravens also won.

Lastly, here are some highlights of yesterday's game: