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Roller Coaster Season Hits Another High

Incredibly the Jets are back over .500 and a real Playoff threat after today's win in Tampa. Another dominant outing by the defense. Another good game for Thomas Jones. Another solid performance by Jay Feely. We can't go too crazy. The Bucs are one of the least talented teams in the league. They have a very raw quarterback and a coach who seems to be in over his head. Still, this is the NFL. They've beaten somebody. Bad teams beat good teams all the time. Give credit to the Jets for taking care of business and dominating even with a poor quarterbacking performance.

This year is starting to shape up as the opposite of last season. In 2008 the Jets had a slow start, a red hot middle, and a terrible finish. This year it's been a red hot start, a brutal middle, and the end has been great so far.

When they were 4-6, the Jets needed to win six games in a row to make the Playoffs. The easiest three were the first three. It gets tougher from here on out. This team still needs some help. It's not going to be easy. A month ago this team's pulse was fading. It's still beating now. Three of six down. As Bon Jovi says, we're halfway there and living on a prayer.