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Week 14 Rooting Guide

Eric Mangini and the Browns did us a big favor Thursday by knocking Pittsburgh from the discussion. Now onto Sunday's game.

Carolina over New England: If the Jets win, and the Pats somehow get upset by Carolina, the division is tied, and the final three weeks get very, very interesting.

Miami over Jacksonville: I know a lot of people will question this considering the Jets are battling Miami for both the division and the Wild Card. It also requires rooting for the Dolphins. Here's the bottom line. The Jets need Jacksonville to lose twice to pass them, and Miami to lose once to pass them. I think it's more likely the Jags and Dolphins both lose once over the last three weeks than it's likely for Jacksonville to lose twice. The Jaguars' last game is against the Browns. I don't care what happened Thursday. That's as close to an automatic win as you can get in this league. Their other two games are against the Colts and Pats. The Colts may have everything wrapped up before that game and play their backups. The Pats look very vulnerable. Two losses in these games is certainly a possibility, but I wouldn't bet my life on it.

Indianapolis over Denver: It will be very difficult to make up two games on Denver with three to play what happened to the Broncos last year notwithstanding. Making up one with three to go is much more likely. Also this brings the Colts a step closer to locking up home field and benching their starters when the Jets come to town.

Detroit over Baltimore: I know it's a long shot, but the Ravens are tied with the Jets. Wasn't Pittsburgh-Oakland just as much of a pipe dream last week?

Cincinnati over Minnesota: We want the Colts to have something to play for next week against the Jaguars. Then they can have everything wrapped up and rest their starters for the Jets the week after.

San Diego over Dallas: Ditto.

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