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Jets Not Overlooking Tampa

Sitting 6-6 I don't think the Jets are in any position to over-look anyone, but just in case, Rex Ryan and Darrelle Revis reinforced the pitfalls of over confidence, citing the Tampa Bay offence racking up 469 yards last week, and the Browns taking down the Championship Steeler, who have also been beaten by both the Chiefs and the Raiders

"It's hard to get overconfident for [those] reasons," Ryan said. "We know what we're gonna get -- all Tampa has. And I feel confident we're going to win this game, because I know they're going to get everything we have."

"We're going to look to slap some Riddells on him and see what happens," Ryan said. "The facts are what they are: We're 5-0 when we win the turnover battle and 0-4 when we lose it. That's got to be a point of emphasis and it should be every single week. We're coming after him, going to try to create bad plays for them."

"We don't want to be that story after the game saying the Jets got embarrassed down there. We want to go down there and handle business and come out with a win," cornerback Darrelle Revis said. "Yeah, that's a possibility for us, to get turnovers, even sack-strips. The guy, he does scramble around and has bad ball security.

"That's something we preached on all week, and we want to get turnovers on this guy," Revis added. "He's a young guy. He has a lot of potential, but we think we can make some plays on him. We want him to run around a little bit, and get him a little jittery, get him uncomfortable. That's the thing we want to focus on when we play Sunday."

If anyone knows about going into a situation expecting to win only to be disappointed then it's the Jets, I still remember the nightmare game this season against the Bills, the Seattle and Oakland games from last year and you can probably find a game each year over the entire history of the Jets franchise.

However it's still easy as a 6-6 team to look past the 1-11 Bucs, after all they have losses to the Bills/Redskins and Panthers, but they also have come up against Dallas/New England and the Philadelphia Eagles. So taking them lightly would be foolish, and Cotchery knows the pitfalls all too well:

"It is human nature (to look down on a 1-11 team), but if you really drill it in, you’ll be able to overcome it,’’ Cotchery said. "And I think we’ve accomplished that this week – really drilling it in that these guys have some good players down there… — good players that can turn it around at any time. We’ve been focusing on that."