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New York Jets Pass Offense vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Pass Defense

The Jets do not want this game in the hands of Kellen Clemens. Part of this has to do with how well the Jets run it. Part has to do with how poorly the Bucs stop the run. As much as anything is how little faith this organization has in Clemens. The Jets wouldn't have traded for Brett Favre if they thought Clemens was ready to be their guy. They certainly wouldn't have traded up for Mark Sanchez. Last week's horrendous performance against the Bills didn't inspire much confidence.

If there's one thing I'd like to see the Jets do it's let Clemens work without a huddle. He's been in this system for four years. He knows it inside and out. If you remember back to 2007, Clemens did some of his best work in late game situations. In other spots, he seemed tentative and unsure of himself. Going no huddle speeds things up for him and doesn't give him enough time to overthink. It also limits the defense's ability to substitute and throw exotic looks at him.

In recent weeks, Tampa Bay has switched from Jim Bates' system into a Cover 2 scheme. I predict things will be a bit different this week. The Bucs will load up the box with a lot of eight and nine man fronts. They want to take away the run and force Clemens to beat them. Tampa has a quality starting corner in second year man Aqib Talib. The other starter, Ronde Barber, was formerly a top corner. At 34 his skills have diminished, and his best years are behind him. Talib should be able to hold his own against Braylon Edwards or Jerricho Cotchery. Whoever doesn't draw Talib should have an edge against Barber, and Clemens should look in that direction.

Also look for the Jets to target Dustin Keller. Think back to Mark Sanchez's midyear struggles. The Jets seemed to make Keller Sanchez's first read to make things safer. Without much faith in their quarterback, we could see a similar focus. The Bucs have some solid linebackers in coverage in Barrett Ruud and Quincy Black.