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Rhodes Lets Off Some Steam On Thurman

… admitted to reporters today that he yelled at secondary coach Dennis Thurman in practice. Clearly, Rhodes, who initially was miffed by the demotion, is irked by the uncertainty surrounding his role.

… Rhodes is saying he has been told he’ll be back with the starters. But, in practice, he apparently has been rotating with Eric Smith, leading to today’s heated moment.

Asked if there’s a rift between him and Thurman, Rhodes said, "Me and D.T. No, not right now. Today I was a little mad."


"Just the in-and-out thing," Rhodes said. "It got to me a little today. I was a little more emotional. I felt a little way about it today."

Rhodes said he’s having trouble adjusting to the rotation.

"You can’t get into a flow that way, especially me," he said. "I’ve never done that, so it’s kind of different."

Asked about his role in general, Rhodes said, "It’s funny … kind of. It’s irritating … kind of. But it’s something I have to deal with. I can’t just not show up and not be here … After the year, we’ll re-evaluate things then."

Rhodes said his relationship with Ryan is fine, but it wasn’t an enthusiastic endorsement of his coach.

"Hmm, let’s see how I can characterize it," he said, pausing for a few moments. "I still like Rex. Yeah, I still like Rex."

Told it wasn’t convincing, Rhodes, "You heard the words out of my mouth. I said, ‘I still like Rex.’

Many thanks to The Jets Blog for posting this up, just taken it from there and Bassett offers some excellent points at the bottom of the post so make sure you head on over to the post to read those.

I think I have said just about all I can on Rhodes, and this just screams toys.......thrown.......everywhere. The relationship is damaged and I don't think it can be repaired, it is actually to a point where I will be surprised if Rhodes is back.

I don't want to continually jump on the guy, because when it comes down to it, he is a Jets player and will support him as such, but he gets no preferential treatment because he posts a few tweets here and their. He seems like a good guy, but Kerry Rhodes doesn't come above the New York Jets.

He obviously didn't get into too much of a 'flow' as the starter otherwise he wouldn't of been demoted, show your support to Smith and get on with your job. This is really turning into a Kerry Rhodes thing instead of a Jets thing, he is actually becoming a distraction now. He is not the first person to loose his starting spot and he won't be the last, the real test comes in how people handle that adversity....and quite honestly, I don't think he could of handled it any worse.

We certainly will re-evaluate things after this year Kerry, you can book your flights out of town now though, you will get quite the discount for advanced bookings. he obviously doesn't want to be here, if his play didn't advertise that fact some comments in their certainly did.