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Rex Ryan Getting Frustrated With Rhodes Questions

Not Rex, not Rhodes but Eric Smith
Not Rex, not Rhodes but Eric Smith

Rex was asked about the starting safety position for the game Sunday and he seemed notiously frustrated about being asked about individuals:

"Go ahead, name him the starter if you want," Ryan told reporters, bristling. "I don't care.... We should be more concerned with the team than the individual. The guy runs out there, he's starting. If Kerry feels better about it, I'll start him. If he'll feel better about it, go ahead, run out there, you're starting.

Now I'm not really sure what to read into this comment. It seems like a very strange way to respond to the question. If you haven't decided on a starter then say that they will both play a lot similar to the Bills game.

What do you read into this comment? It really doesn't seem to me like he is being given his starting spot back fully. It seems to me like Rhodes doesn't really care as long as he is named 'the starter'. Like they could play the same amount of reps, or Smith could play more but as long as Rhodes is named a starter, and on the outside looking in people will see that, then that's all that matters.

Just seemed strange that he would answer a question in this manner.