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Joe Girardi Teaches Mark Sanchez How to Slide

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

One of the most frustrating aspects of watching Mark Sanchez play as a rookie has been his unwillingness to slide. To correct this, the Jets called in Yankees manager Joe Girardi for a lesson.

After watching Sanchez struggle with some of his slides while avoiding pressure in recent games, Ryan called Yankees team president Randy Levine on Tuesday. He asked if the World Series champions could send someone over to the Jets facility to help their franchise quarterback.

The Yankees ended up sending Girardi, who guided New York to its 27th World Series title last month against the Philadelphia Phillies. Sanchez, who has a sore left knee, worked on sliding on his right leg and went through 10-15 slides under Girardi's supervision.

There are also unconfirmed reports Girardi questioned Rex's game management. He asked the Jets head coach why he doesn't go to the bullpen and put in a different one of his four quarterbacks at the end of each quarter.