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Rex Ryan Press Conference 11/09

So everyone is back in the facility ready to go. I enjoyed the bye week, especially after a couple of weeks of some very tough losses. Now however, I'm more than ready to get back to work, and look ahead to the game against the Jaguars this Sunday at the Meadowlands.

So after the Jump you can find the notes I took down after watching the Rex Ryan news conference today:


  • Briefly opened up, just saying how everyone was excited to be back at the facility
  • Rex spent the best part of Sunday football in a traffic game, did watch some of the SNF game.
  • Looking forward to the opportunity of making amends and making a push for the play-offs. However recognises that the schedule is 'brutal'
  • Still believes that we are capable of beating any team in the league, but if we don't play our game, and keep making these mistakes we can get beat by anyone.
  • Need to make little improvements in all areas, so big improvement needed.
  • Just need to do the little things to be successful, game tackling on special teams, if the offence do turn it over, they have to stop the damage, get the player down and give the defence a chance to keep them out.
  • Improvement in communication, the defence getting more turnovers and scoring off of these turnovers.
  • For that to happen, we need to get ahead of people, force them into mistakes, and then make sure that when the turnover is made, everyone is doing there job to turn it into a score, getting the blocks in the right areas.
  • Had a good time down in Florida, thought that no-one would bother Rex in Florida after losing twice to the Dolphins fans. Didn't get any heckles, was wearing all Yankee gear.
  • Everyone was refreshed, but it was just a walk through today.
  • Working the rust off today and tomorrow and will get back to full speed on Wednesday
  • Goals are still intact, no-one said it would be easy. Definitely going to be challenged over the rest of the season, but we are going to be a challenge to anyone.
  • More than one thing that drives him crazy as a coach, penalties, self inflicted wounds. Things that shouldn't happen with the preparation we do.
  • Need to prevent the opposing defence from putting points on the board, offence after a turnover needs to bring the man down.
  • Excited about the opportunity to get better
  • Thinks that Sanchez has been through his bad games (New Orleans, Buffalo), played well enough to win most games. Played better than he expected from a rookie QB. Confident that he will do pretty well.
  • Sanchez went down and became his old high schools scout QB during his time off.
  • Rex is aware of the AFC standings, and understands that we have to go through NE if we want to win the division
  • Winning the division is definitely the better road to take with the home game. Too early to say we can or can not be a wild card team. Just need to put some wins together.
  • Patriots playing as well as anyone in the league right now. Thinks that we can match up against them.
  • Need to focus on Jacksonville first before even looking at the Patriots. Jacksonville are a talented team especially MDJ.
  • We need to win one in front of our fans. Doesn't know if the fans have lost faith in the football team but he doubts it. Two tough losses at home in front of the home fans.
  • Need to make sure we have enough guns on special teams. Every week the line-up will change week to week, roles for individuals change from week to week.
  • Special teams have been a plus for us apart from the Miami game. It's a prideful group and we will get it going again.
  • Lets just blame everything on Vernon. It's not fair to say that it comes down to Murrell v Gholston. Thinks Vernon is doing a good job on ST, hasn't gotten too many reps on defence over the last couple of weeks. Vernon making progress, has a good attitude, and his contribution on the punt team. Playing hard, and Vernon is coming along.
  • When asked about Kerry's lack of turnovers, Rex said that it was interesting that he doesn't have too many turnovers. Ed Reed had 1 INT at this point last year with Baltimore and ended with 11. Thinks Rhodes is playing well, just not getting after them (whole defence).
  • Need to read the game more, it's one thing to learn from the play-book another to do it on the field. Need to get Kerry a INT, and he is playing better than the stat sheet shows.
  • What happens is that when we get a lead, we should close the game out. First couple of games we were doing that. Won the battles on first and second down, and put the pressure on the offence on 3rd down. Helps make teams one dimensional
  • Thinks the passing game has looked good, when we have Cotchery and Braylon together healthy, we can have a outstanding passing attack. However we want to be able to run the football, and that will lead to the improvement in the pass game
  • Don't turn the ball over, control the clock, control the football. Weakness on the offence is 3rd down conversions.
  • David Harris plays a complicated position as the MIKE backer in this system. His numbers are outstanding, missed one tackle and is beating himself up. Plays all areas well, against the pass and the run and is a tremendous leader.