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Prospect Watch: 2010 NFL Draft, Carlos Dunlap

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The second in our prospect watch, draft special. This week is highly regarded but often disagreed about Florida DE, Carlos Dunlap.

Many Jets fans might scream when I say that scouts will be more impressed by his athletic characteristics than his on field action, and the word potential that so many of us have to come to loath. Athletic ability and potential are the two most used phrases to describe one Vernon Gholston in the run up to the 2008 draft.

However at 6'6 290lb's and a 4.7 40 time, we have to at least have a look at him, and his pass rushing ability that seem to be missing from our defensive ends. Granted we run a 3-4 and ends are not as relied upon for their pass rushing ability as in the 4-3, and some are sceptical where Dunlap fits, is he a 4-3 DE or a 3-4 one?

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One of the reasons why I think that it doesn't matter too much if he is seen more as a 4-3 or a 3-4 is because although we run from the 3-4, I have noticed we often run from a 4-3 and I truly believe that he can excel at either position in either system.

The Florida defence relies on the one gap speed penetration so it's up in the air how this will translate to the NFL, however playing next to a guy like Kris Jenkins who commands the double, his lightning quick outside step could prove very valuable in increasing the pass rush

One player that comes to mind when looking at Dunlap is Houston's Mario Williams, he will likely have similar measurable s than Williams, but he has a stronger upper body, a good motor and that outside step.

He does need to work on his run defence, but he could easily step into a NFL rotation especially on 3rd down in obvious pass situations and make things happen. He has the size to get up at the line and bat balls down.

Has been accused by some of going through the motions, not showing enough commitment and passion on the field, but in limited time as a starter in 2008, he had 36 tackles, 13.5 for a loss and 9 sacks, despite starting only two games.

The one problem that we are likely going to face is that he is probably gone long before we select, that's barring any kind of second half meltdown, he is projected anywhere from the first choice to around 11-12. Although he is bound to put on a very good show at the combine and have a team fall for him.

However I think we have seen that if we highlight a player as a must have then Mike Tannenbaum has no problems moving up to select him. Although I feel we have neither the depth or the finances to make another leap in 2010, you never know.

Through the first eight games this season, Dunlap has amassed 22 tackles and 6 sacks, and recently had an outstanding game against Mississippi State where he totalled 5 tackles and 3 sacks. 

Carlos Dunlap vs. Florida State (via AloDraft)