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Charlie Weis Firing- Opportunity knocking for GangGreen?


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Roughly 45 minutes ago, the inevitable happened-- Charlie Weis was let go by Notre Dame and relieved of his Head Coaching duty.

Since our 2009 season is basically over, there's nothing wrong with looking ahead to next year and speculating-- so let's entertain the reasons as to why he might be a good fit here (again):

  1. There has been a lot of heat directed towards Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer over the last three seasons for his conservative playcalling. It may be time for a change.

  2. With all the talk about "Sanchez needing a mentor", who better then Weis? This way, we wouldn't have to bring in a veteran QB to coach him, and could keep it in the system.

  3. We all know Weis is a Jersey boy, so let's bring him back home. At the same time, it would give him the chance to beat his former mentors (Belichick AND Parcells).

Put in a bid, Woody!