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The Great Safety Debate

Based on the good games Eric Smith and Kerry Rhodes had yesterday, the question is out there. Who starts at safety against the Bills? There's a case to be made for both.

The Case for Eric Smith

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Smith played a great game as a starter. Rhodes had his finest game of the year appearing in subpackages. It seems like this move was made to improve the defense. It worked out that way.

The Case for Kerry Rhodes

Promoting Smith was never meant to be a permanent move. It was done to light a fire under Rhodes. Mission accomplished. Yes, Smith played well, but Rhodes is a better player. Eric even at his best doesn't have the ability to the playmaker Kerry does. You've made your point. Your message was received. Now go with your best.

I'm inclined to think it's time for Rhodes to return for the starting lineup. I mean there's a reason the Jets signed Jim Leonhard in the offseason. They didn't trust Smith as a starter. There's also a reason Rhodes got his big contract after 2007. He has the tools to be a real game changer when he's motivated. I think the benching got him motivated.

What do you think?