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New York Jets Have a Vacation

The Jets have six days off for their bye.

Although Ryan had told the team of its extended vacation last week, there’s nothing wrong with changing his mind and dishing out a little tough love (owner Woody Johnson could certainly eat a few plane fares), especially with the Jets inventing new ways to lose each week.

At one point so far this season, rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez (four turnovers vs. the Saints and five interceptions vs. the Bills), the defense (inept play vs. the Wildcat in the first Dolphins game) and the special teams (allowing two Ted Ginn kickoff returns for touchdowns vs. Miami on Sunday) have all lost a game or games.

"I wasn’t going to punish them or whatever," Ryan said Monday. "That’s not the purpose (of the bye week). Our purpose is to get them where they’re emotionally ready to go for this charge, this last eight games I want them ready to play football when they come back."

This is a really good time for the bye. Last year it came after four games, probably too early. At this point of the year, guys are really beaten up and can probably use the rest. You couldn't blame Rex, though, if he called everybody in, and this isn't quite the vacation these guys thought they were getting.

Do you think the Jets should rest this week or practice hard as a punishment for the loss to Miami?