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Back in the Win Column

A very workmanlike win today for the Jets. They're 5-6 now and have their first victory against a team other than the Raiders in two months. It's probably too late to save this season, but who knows? At the very least, this can be the start of building some momentum heading into 2010.

Mark Sanchez did what was needed. I know a lot of you were disturbed recently by the lack of progress he has shown. Today I think was a major step forward. He made sound decisions for the entire game. I don't even think the interception was a terrible read, just a bad throw. He didn't try to do too much.

What else can you say about the defense? Just a great effort. Nice work slowing down a terrific running game. Darrelle Revis completely shuts down another elite receiver, and even Kerry Rhodes turned into the playmaker we've been waiting for him to become.

And Jake Delhomme showed us what it's been like for other teams to face Mark Sanchez when he's been bad.