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Open Window For Eric Smith

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This week we have mainly focused on what it means to Kerry Rhodes to be heading to the bench, but hardly anyone has stopped and thought what this means for Eric Smith.

Most will remember that when Rex Ryan first arrived here in the Summer, he really didn't have a favourable opinion of Eric Smith, in fact it could be said that he was well and truly in the dog house, and reports that Rex would of been more than happy to trade Smith if the phone had sounded.

"I wouldn't call it redemption," Smith said. "Rex came in and they all had their opinions of people just from watching film. They didn't really get to see how people worked and things like that. I just give credit to guys working hard and teaching me the defense, so I can play faster."

Not one to be kept down, Smith came back during the OTA's and mini-camp and recorded 5 interceptions in 3 days, that impressed Rex and drew high praise from Ryan and Pettine.

Smith has one interception, one block punt that led to a TD, and 15 special team tackles, the most on the team. He has been targeted 10 times this year, with 5 of those being completed for a 50% QB completion rate, compared to Rhodes who has been targeted 24 times with 17 completed for a 70.8% completion percentage.

Smith however is under no allusions and understands that this chance can be taken away as quickly as it was given

"I think it all depends on how it goes in the game," he responded. "If I play well and do what I'm supposed to do, we'll see for next week [against Buffalo]. If I'm in there and not performing to the level I need to be, I could see" Rhodes getting back his job.