Jets/Bills Tickets

Good Morning Jets Fans

I wanted to submit my entry to win tickets to the Jets/Bills game in Toronto. I have been a Jets fan since the year of their only Super Bowl win. I was an eight year old at the time and living near Buffalo. My Grandfather and Uncle had season's tickets to the Bills when they played at War Memorial Stadium in the heart of Buffalo. My Grandfather a big Bills fan became a big Namath fan and in turn introduced me to the Jets in time to watch them win their first Super Bowl. Namath and the Jets had such a profound effect on me that I went on to play quarterback and was the first in my league to wear white shoes.

I have since gone many times to see the Jets in Buffalo, which is never a fun experience because Bills fans can get ugly and harass anyone wearing a Jets jersey. Tailgating in Buffalo is a huge tradition but you take your life in your hands when you attend a Jets/Bills game wearing green.

I have also seen the Jets in Seattle and sat for a portion of the game with Wayne Crebet's father. I believe it was Parcell's first year with the Jets and was at the Miami/Jets Monday NIght game at the Meadowlands when the Jets stormed back in the fourth quarter to win the game in OT in 2000.

I have a six year old son who loves the Jets. He has been bugging me for three years to take him to a game in Buffalo to see the Jets but it is not a good environment to bring a young boy. Toronto and the Rogers Center would be a perfect place to bring him to see the Jets. For better or worse there is no tailgating and due to the outrageous ticket prices there is less of the crazed element attending.

My son, Gus, asks every week to go to the game but with tickets going for $200-$500 - it's a bit steep for me to drop on two tickets and the additional Jets merchandize that he would strong arm me into buying. He loves the Jets and to get to see them in Toronto would be awesome for him to begin his life-long support of the Jets.

He has his own opinion about Sanchez, particularly after last week's game, but he still wants a number 6 jersey for Christmas and would love to meet him and Thomas Jones. We are both confident that the Jets are moving in the right direction and it would be great to see Sanchez in his rookie year.

My son says that he will take pictures and write a story about his experience.

Thanks for opening this giveaway up to a contest and whoever wins the main thing will be that the Jets crush the Bills.

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