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GGN: Mock Jets 2010 NFL Draft 1.0

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Got a lot of free time this morning. Most years I do my own mock 7 round drafts for the New York Jets, they always seem to spark a lot of conversation, so I thought while I have a little free time this morning, why not get my first version up for the 2010 draft.

Right now I consider us to be planning for next season, I know we can still mathematically make the post season, but let's be realistic, how many out there actually believe we will. I also obviously don't know where we will be drafting, but there is a good chance in my opinion that we will finish around 6-10 on the season, so a top 10 is possible.

Here are some of the players that I would be interested in acquiring if I were Mike Tannenbaum, as always it would be great for you guys to step in and name some alternatives and offer comments on picks you agree with and picks you think are ridiculous (there is bound to be one)

So let's get started after the Jump

First Round Selection- Eric Berry, Safety, Tennessee


I'm making this selection based on a few factors. One that Kerry Rhodes is traded. Like I commented on another thread Daniel Jeremiah a former Baltimore Ravens scout commented a few days ago that he would not be surprised to see Rhodes get traded this off-season because he was the kind of player that would annoy Rex. Low and behold a few days later we hear that Rhodes will be dropped this Sunday. 

Rex Ryan's defence relies on a play making safety, so who better than a player that has been talked about as being in the same mould as Ed Reed. Difference between him being talked about in comparison to Ed Reed and Kerry Rhodes being talked about in comparison to Ed Reed is, Berry's hype is coming from scouts who know what they are talking about.

Some have suggested that their is a possibility that Berry could play corner in the NFL, mainly because his coverage skills are excellent. However with his play making ability (7 INT last season), putting him in as a free safety in a system like Rex's would be a match made in heaven. He could come in and instantly start. He has 4.4 speed and can hit like a ton of bricks.

The one thing about Berry is that he just has the football instincts. He seems to smell the play before it is even their to be made, he has excellent short area quickness, has the speed to make up ground, one scout described him as a 'physical and violent player'. It seems like the match is just too perfect.

If he drops to us, he is too good to pass up. If he starts falling, we should make every effort to move up to get him if need be, but the way our season is going, he could just be their when we select.

Second Round Selection- Arthur Jones DT, Syracuse


Now there is a strong possibility that he is long gone by the time we select in the second round, although he was initially listed as a late first round selection, he recently suffered a knee injury that may well drop his stock into the second round, which means that a team may well be able to cash in. His weight has often been an area for concern, he was listed at 293 before the season, and he has slowly been adding weight, although some question whether this will effect his quickness.

One of the main areas of Jones game that interests me is his initial quickness of the snap, he spots the gaps and hits them hard, and this has contributed to him recording 38.5 tackles for loss at Syracuse which is a school record. He does have 145 career tackles which is good for 10th all time. He could well move over to a 3-4 DE, and then move back in when we revert to a 4-3.

He will need work and his injury status does worry me a little bit, but if we can snap him up in the second round then why not take the gamble.

Third Round Selection- Traded to the Browns for Edwards

This is a conditional pick that I'm a little bit confused about, initially Schefter reported that the conditions would never be met, but then the conditions were released (don't have them on hand) that seemed very achievable. So for now, I'm going to leave this as a 3rd round selection that is traded to the Browns.

Fourth Round Selection- Ed Wang, Offensive tackle, Virginia Tech


Nearly everywhere I look I see Ed Wang projected as a fourth round selection, and for me that is an absolute steal, because he has an excellent blend of size and speed that would be valuable at the right tackle position. Damien Woody is doing a very decent job, but we need to start looking to the future, and bringing in players like Slauson in the 7th round is not going to do the job.

Wang started his career as a RT, but because he was consistently the best lineman on show, the Hokies moved him to LT to protect the QB's blind side. Virginia Tech have rushed for over 2000 yards this season, and Wang has done a excellent job of getting out creating lanes for the running backs. We are a run orientated team so he seems to fit in with what we would be trying to do.

His best performances have come in the crunch, he was excellent in the 2008 Orange Bowl, and although I didn't see the ACC Championship game, apparently he was superb there as well. Unfortunately his consistent performances are forcing him up many draft boards, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him taken in the 2nd round if he has a strong combine performance. Having him here is a reach of epic proportions, but you really never know who will fall on draft day.

Fifth Round Selection- Traded To The Browns For Braylon Edwards

See above.

Sixth Round Selection- Shay Hodge, Wide Receiver, Mississippi



It's not often you will find a 6th round selection who looks like they may have 1000+ receiving yards in his final year. Although most draft sites have him listed as a 6th/7th round selection and I'm not sure why. I have watched very little Mississippi football this season, but his name always appears on the highlights, and that may well be because of his 7 TD's this season. He has really broken through late in the season with 3 of his last 4 games going for over 100 yards. I really don't think he will be here, but if the draft guru's are right and he is a 6th round selection then I always like taking a gamble on a receiver late in the day.

Seventh Round Selection, Gerald Williams, Tennessee



In the 7th round, you really are taking a punt in the dark, I know next to nothing about Williams, but added depth on the defensive line and giving Rex a project, why not, may help to settle Berry as well.