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Rex to Take More of a Role on Offense

Rex Ryan is going to get more involved with the offense.

Turns out Mark Sanchez isn't the only Jets' rookie learning on the job. Rex Ryan admitted Monday he has plenty to learn, too, which is why the first-year head coach intends to get more involved in the offense.

"I'm not a defensive coordinator, slash head coach, I'm a head coach, period," Ryan said. "I need to be more of the game manager than probably what I even realized before."

Ryan is sticking with Sanchez as the Jets' starter, not wavering a day after the first-year quarterback turned over the ball five times and allowed the AFC rival Patriots to cruise to a 31-14 win. But Ryan said he would work specifically with Sanchez to emphasize the importance of ball security, and would do that by increasing his profile and involvement with the offense on game day and during the week.

While insisting he is not undermining the position of offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, Ryan said he intends to stand alongside Schottenheimer and Sanchez during games to make certain Sanchez understands the game situation. In other words, reminding Sanchez that sometimes a deliberate incompletion and a punt are better than a turnover.

I would have liked to see this earlier in the year. Entering the season, one of my biggest fears was that Rex would be so focused on the defense that Brian Schottenheimer would have absolutely nobody looking over his shoulder on offense. We do have to remember that this year is a learning experience for him too, though.

One thing I would like to see is some sort of consistency in what the team asks of Sanchez. I feel like some weeks the gameplan suggests they don't have enough faith in the rookie to ask him to do anything. Other times they're asking him to make throws Peyton Manning would have a hard time of making.

What do you think Rex will bring to the offense?