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Name That Rookie

This is a special feature for those of you who think Mark Sanchez's recent struggles mean he's a total bust.

Our featured rookie today started 7 games. He completed only 48.2% of his passes. He had a 6 to 9 touchdown to interception ratio, a 5.3 yard average per pass, and a 55.4 quarterback rating. He won only one start even with a strong running game. His top back went for 1,518 yards and a 4.7 average.

See who the rookie was after the jump.

Eli Manning

A year later, Manning had overcome his rookie growing pains and led his team to a division title ending the run of a bitter rival that had dominated the division in recent seasons. Three years later, he won a championship. Manning won three Playoff games on the road and led a 2:00 drive in the Super Bowl to beat an undefeated opponent, taking the Super Bowl MVP in the process. He learned some painful lessons by making rookie mistakes and became better as a result of being so overwhelmed early. His experience helped him catch up to the speed of the game