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Rex Takes Offense to Late Pass

Rex Ryan wasn't very happy with the Patriots trying to take a deep shot late in the game with Randy Moss against Darrelle Revis.

The Patriots were ahead 31-14 with 30 seconds left in the fourth quarter when Tom Brady threw long for Randy Moss on third-and-6 from their 45-yard line. The pass fell incomplete, but riled up Ryan.

"We need to stop them anyway, so it's no biggie, but I was surprised, and I did feel a little bit disrespected," Ryan said.

Ryan added that he didn't know if Bill Belichick was behind the call, saying it might have been something Brady and Moss did on their own. The Jets coach was also asked if he thought perhaps maybe it was intended to be one final message to cornerback Darrelle Revis, who has developed a rivalry with Moss.

"I looked at that as an opportunity for us," Ryan said. "Throw it up deep, our guy is going to come down with it more than your guy is. If they want to throw it up to Revis, that's great. If they would have thrown it up to [Wes] Welker again, I would have had a problem with it."

I can't really say I agree with Rex on this one. This is the NFL. Everybody in the league is an elite athlete. If you don't like something the other guy does, stop him. That's exactly what Revis did.

The Pats were clearly trying to make a statement. They did that Moss is in Revis' pocket.

In the end, though, the Jets should feel more upset the Pats were able to get it so far out of hand at that point.