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David Clowney's Twitter Account Hacked

A rogue hacker attacked Clowney's account earlier tonight.

The intruder was posing as David, tweeting and sending Direct Messages to his followers on Twitter. The content of the messages was both derogatory and homophobic.

The tweeting subsided about an hour ago, so it can be assumed that Twitter security has dealt with the issue.... but if you received a tweet from his account during the hours of 7PM - 11 PM, please disregard it.  

The official Jets twitter page (NYJets) released the following statement at 9:09 PM:

We would like all to know that we have a rogue tweeter on David Clowney's account. David is unavailable but will reconnect with fans soon.

Clowney did manage to log in and post the following tweet at 9:43 PM:

Everybody this is David!! I am so sorry, these comments ARE NOT me. If you recieve a @tweet/DM or anything from me please IGNORE THANK YOU


....Looks like Pats fans have slumped to a new low  ; )