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Rex: Sanchez Will Stay the Starter

Rex Ryan has no thoughts of pulling Mark Sanchez from the starting lineup.

On if he considered benching Sanchez during the game...

No, absolutely not

On if he's thought about sitting Sanchez for a game or two to give him perspective from the sideline...

No, because I don’t think he’s going to get any better sitting on the sideline. You know, he’s got to learn from it. And without question, he made a lot of mistakes today. You know, there were some other guys that made a lot of mistakes today, but he’s got to learn from them. And the only way to do it, you know you can visualize it, watch tape and carry a clipboard, but unless you get on the field, you aren’t going to get any better and that’s my opinion.

At this point, it's tough for me to see any wisdom in sitting Sanchez. Watching from the sideline probably isn't going to help him get better. He needs to go in there. The only way to learn from mistakes is to make them. Let him get as much experience under his belt for next year as possible.

I've heard some people say he should be benched because his confidence is low. If he's ever going to make it in New York, he's going to have to learn to play through and get himself out of rough spots. Besides, won't losing the starting job have a negative impact on his confidence? If his play is so bad that his coaches don't believe in him, it won't help his mental game.

The Jets don't have another option. We can pretty much agree Kellen Clemens isn't the answer. Erik Ainge didn't look very good against third and fourth stringers in the preseason, and two teams dumped Kevin O'Connell over the summer getting very little in return. There's nothing to suggest any of them will even play as well as Sanchez.