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New York Jets Run Defense vs. New England Patriots Run Offense

The Pats have almost a 50-50 run-pass split offensively, but they do most of their real damage through the air. Their running game is nowhere near as dynamic. Their top back, Fred Taylor, is nursing an ankle injury. Laurence Maroney has 94 carries and 378 yards for a pedestrian 4.0 average. He and Kevin Faulk, who has a 5.1 average, are both quick enough to be effective on draws. My guess is the Pats use a lot to try and catch blitzers up field. Aside from this, I don't expect the Pats to try and pound the ball despite New York's defensive struggles against the run (18th ranked run defense). Their strength is passing the ball. They won't go away from that.

Sione Pouha will have his hands full with Dan Koeppen, Steven Neal, and Logan Mankins, all quality run blockers. The Jets don't have the luxury of giving him much help today with four man fronts they may have had against Miami and Jacksonville. The Jets need to primarily play 3-4 to disguise the blitzers. Pouha has done good work holding the point of attack. He'll need to have his best game to help slow down the New England run game. He has to occupy two blockers.

Sammy Morris will also see action for New England. He has a 3.6 average on 30 carries.