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Another Patriot Running his Mouth (surprise)-- Moss on Revis

After Revis completely shutdown Moss in the first matchup, holding him to just 4 catches for 24 yards, Moss ran off at the mouth about how he refuses to give Revis the credit he deserves because the Jets were playing Rhodes over-the-top.

Now, he wants to make sure we all know he's a 12- year vet (::shudder::).

"I don't feed into talking and all of that crazy stuff,'' Moss told the Boston Herald. "I'm a 12-year vet. So that stuff don't bother me. My biggest thing is, when you talk like that, you better back it up. So we'll see. We'll see what happens.''

LOL at he doesnt "feed into talking." We all know how cool-headed Revis is, and no one else was talking this week. He felt the need to re-hash  the what does that make him? Hmm...

                       Yeah, we'll see what happens......


^image via quote via Star-Ledger jets page.