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Leon Expects to Be Ready for OTA's in March

Leon Washington is expecting to be back for offseason workouts in March.

"My goal is, which I'm very optimistic about, is to get back in March for initial training," said Washington, speaking to the New York media for the first time since his injury in Oakland. "I want to be moving around pretty good. I want to be able to work out with the guys ... I'm very optimistic about that. I have faith about it. I look forward to it. The way I'm moving right now, I'm right on target."

Washington suffered a rare injury - a double open fracture in his right leg. He broke the tibia and fibular bones, which pierced the skin. For the interview, he sat in a chair, with his lower leg encased in a walking boot. He's getting around on crutches.

Washington, in the final year of his contract, said he has "no regrets" about eschewing the Jets' proposal for a long-term contract - a decision that could ultimately cost him millions.

"With business, there's risk and reward," he said. "I knew that coming into the season. There was a risk ... Life is more important by being happy than, per se, money. Obviously, the security part is what you want for you kids' kids, grandkids. But right now, I feel better than ever."