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Woody Johnson & Marques Douglas Encouraged

There is a terrible atmosphere around the Jets at the moment, it can be expected after going 1-4 over the past 5 weeks, but lets keep some things in perspective. We have had a day to moan, gripe, feel sorry for ourselves, but now it's time to move on from all of that. Put the first half of the season in the rear view mirror and focus on the final 8 games of the season.

One thing is for sure Woody Johnson is now downhearted:

Woody was asked what it says about the Jets that, heading into tonight's final game of Week 8, Atlanta at New Orleans, they have the NFL's No. 1 rushing offense and No. 2 overall defense.

"Surely you're cooking with something," he said. "If somebody told me that before the season, I'd be jumping for joy. We know we're a good football team. We've just got to be consistent with it all the time. If we want to be the team we say we want to be, you've got to play your best ball in November and December."

I know a lot of people are down right now, but 4-4 is a good record. Yes because we have a rookie head coach and yes because we have a rookie QB. That is a valid excuse. We are not getting blown away by any means, we are in every single game, now we need to turn those nearly's into victories.

"I'm very encouraged," DT Marques Douglas said. "We have a dominating offensive line at times. We have a dominating defense at times. I'm encouraged that our rookie quarterback, Mark Sanchez, has come into this league and has already won four games. I'm encouraged that Sione Pouha has stepped up and filled in Kris Jenkins' shoes. I'm also encouraged by the way we just stick together whether it's a win or a loss. There's no divide in this locker room. The coaches made this very clear, that we win as a team and we lose as a team."

Regardless of the record, teams are not going to want to play us. We are a good football team who can beat any football team in the league. We can also lose to any, just like Rex said. So let's pick ourselves up, start looking ahead to the game against the Jaguars.

Pointing fingers gets you nowhere, especially not this early into a new era with a new regime and a new face of the franchise.