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Kerry Rhodes Disappears

Kerry Rhodes was nowhere to be found after yesterday's game.

Rhodes, in a disappointing showing for someone who fancies himself as a team leader, made such a hasty exit from the locker room he was long gone by the time reporters were let into the room. He must have been talked out.

Let's not jump on him too much for this. For all we know, there was a good reason he had to bolt.

My real issue has been his play. It's tough to remember too many impact plays he's had this year or last year for that matter. He hasn't been the same player since he got that big contract. The two years before his deal, he was playing at a Pro Bowl level. He may not have been a Reed or Polamalu caliber player but certainly the level just below.

I don't really have a problem with him trash talking or getting into the opponent's face, but he's been something of a disappointment this year. He was one of the guys people were expecting to take his game to the next level in this system. Unlike David Harris, it hasn't happened yet.