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Sanchez Goes Off Script

Mark Sanchez seemed to apologize yesterday for reading off a script during Sunday's postgame press conference.

Mark Sanchez stepped to the podium for his weekly press conference yesterday, surveyed the room full of reporters and deadpanned, "You guys want to start or you want me to start?"

It was Sanchez's way of defusing what became a controversial postgame press conference after the Jacksonville loss Sunday when he read notes from a sheet of paper, trying to cover all the topics he figured he would be asked about.

Sanchez was apologetic if he offended anyone by his actions.

"I thought I had everything figured out, of course, as a 23-year-old rookie would, but probably not the best way to go about it," he said. "It didn't go over very well, so. Trial and error and hopefully a one-time mistake."

Why exactly was the script thing a big deal? He knew what questions were going to be asked and wanted to get his responses out of the way. I will say one thing for him. He's showing he's good at taking the air out of controversies generated purely for media hype.