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Harris new Defensive Signal Correspondent

Dan Leberfeld wrote today that with Jim Leonhard on the sideline, David Harris will be the man in the middle with the wired helmet relaying the plays from the sideline.

Florham Park - With safety Jim Leonhard not likely to play this Sunday because of a broken right thumb, the Jets need to assign the helmet with the defensive signals (from the sidelines), and it looks like inside linebacker David Harris will get the wired helmet.

David Harris is considered a mild mannered, big hitter with self confidence minus the outspoken trash talking. Some thought that the duty may well be given to Kerry Rhodes, but it seems Rex has chosen the most consistent performer on the Jets defence. I have no problems with this, not sure how much of a leader Harris is, but if he is the guy with the clearest understanding of the play-book then it's the best move. A play caller has to have a calm head, and be able to relay commands clearly and effectively in time where some may well lose his head. Not pointing at anyone in particular.