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Jets Waive ST/CB Ahmad Carroll

Update- Lisa Zimmerman has a little more information on the release of Carroll

The release of cornerback Ahmad Carroll was a little perplexing given that he has generally been considered to be a pretty solid special teams player. However, one of my sources told me today that behind the scenes, Carroll's attitude was a problem.

Basically, Carroll mouthed off a lot including to the coaching staff, had a negative attitude and would sometimes not turn in required weekly tests.

With the steady improvement of CB Marquice Cole, the team felt that Carroll had not only become expendable, but was more of a hindrance than a help.

Basically you can compare this to someone being fired for insubordination.

Original Post

Jets announced today that they have waived special teamer and cornerback Ahmad Carroll.

Carroll signed with the Jets in 2008 and has recorded 30 special team tackles in 22 games. However he was inactive against the Jaguars as well as being inactive against the Dolphins. Without playing any corner, and now not even getting into the team for his special teams ability. It is hardly surprising to see him given the boot.

The only reason I can see that the Jets decided to cut ties with Carroll instead of Miller is because they realise they can't have Revis returning punts and Miller will be given another shot at kick and punt return duties up in New England.

This does leave a open roster spot, so where do you think this roster spot should be used? another corner, some linebacker help or the defensive line? or just on the best special team tackler we can find?