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Gary Myers on Rex

Gary Myers says the Jets should stop their big talk.


Ryan has failed to impose his will on this team. He can put away the playoff talk for another season. He's made his share of rookie mistakes and presumably his game management skills will improve. But it would be hypocritical to criticize him for the brash talk - that's who he is and after three years of being beaten down by Eric Mangini, he is what this team needed - but now it's time to simply concentrate on identifying the players he wants with him going forward.


Myers is right. It's easy to call out the Jets and their coach for talking big. A lot of the people doing that were complaining a year ago that Eric Mangini didn't have enough intensity or instill the team with confidence. These things don't win or lose games. Many coaches with many different styles are successful. These are things people look to with hindsight to explain what went wrong or right so they don't have to put the effort in to search for the real issues.