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Rex Stands by Rest

Rex Ryan is making no apologies for giving his players six days off during the bye

Ryan's decision, certainly popular amongst the players, was eye opening to some considering the Jets had lost four of their last five games. But he said he made the schedule up weeks before and was going to stick to it, win or lose.

"We'll be judged on how we play on Sunday," Ryan said. "Trust me, I know that we'll be judged on if this was a good move or not based on the results Sunday. Rightfully so. I'm confident that our guys are going to come out firing. We're going to be . . . that old [veins] popping out of our skin."

In light of the team's recent play, the most was surprising, but I'd be a bit more concerned had Rex not demanded discipline from day one. These guys aren't walking over him. Remember David Clowney's suspension for his tweet and the way he sat special teamers for a stupid penalty. I'm sure the vacation made him popular in the locker room, and he will use skepticism to his advantage. The guys in that locker room will play hard for their coach because they he just went to bat for them. They don't want him to be punished for it.

Do you have a problem with all the time off?