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Should the Jets Target Larry Johnson?

Let's talk Larry Johnson. The Chiefs released the former Pro Bowl running back yesterday. Should the Jets at least put out some feelers?


  • He'd be insurance for Thomas Jones and Shonn Greene. Most teams use two backs in today's NFL. The Jets are a team built on the run game. They already lost one key back to injury. It would be nice to add a little extra depth.
  • Johnson's been to two Pro Bowls and on two All Pro teams.
  • He would help the Jets pound defenses with a three back rotation.
  • This year has been a struggle, but he did average 4.5 yards per carry.
  • He would likely come relatively cheap after an ugly divorce from the Chiefs.



  • There's that whole thing about struggling this year. He's only running for 2.7 yards per carry.
  • There are major character concerns. Anti-gay slurs earned him a suspension this year, and he's had run ins with the law. New York isn't the kind of place people avoid controversy and trouble. Even if he kept his nose clean, is the media circus worth a guy likely to play a relatively minor role?
  • Running backs grow on trees. Every year teams pick up guys off the scrap heap who immediately step in and produce. If anything happens to Jones or Greene, the Jets can do that. There might even be a guy on the roster, Danny Woodhead, capable.

I expect the Jets to conduct their due dilligence and come to the conclusion there's no need to sign a guy like Larry Johnson. What would you do?