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Rex Ryan Press Conference Note- 10/09/09

Ok so I'm just going to dive straight into the notes from the conference:

  • Donald Strickland and Jerricho Cotchery did not practise today. Cotchery's hamstring is still bothering him, but Ryan definitely not ruling him out. However he is not 100%
  • Kerry Rhodes (knee), Lito Sheppard (quad), Damien Woody (foot), David Clowney (personal reason), all were limited
  • Larry Izzo (hamstring), Jim Leonhard (knee), Bryan Thomas (wrist) were all full participation.
  • It's a possibility that Cotchery doesn't play, but he expects him to play
  • Bad games are going to happen, has been pleased with Mark Sanchez's performance so far this week. Just going out and being himself. Not going to be perfect the rest of the season. Will bounce back and Mark is ready to bounce back
  • Calvin Pace is all over the place, embarrassing his team mates like he always does.
  • Happy with the offensive line, need give opponents credit. Opponents are putting a lot of guys in the box trying to stop the run, hoping that he can pop a couple. Dolphins not given up a run of 20+ yards. Looking forward to the match-up.
  • Thinks that Braylon will help spread the field and help the run. When Edwards is covered he is open.
  • Jay Feeley is a pro, outstanding kicker. Not easy to kick in the Meadowlands but the conditions don't bother him. 
  • When asked how Edwards looked he said no comment, except he is a decent receiver.
  • Had to give up a lot for Edwards, two really good players that he admires a lot. Had to be a special player to trade those guys. Thought it was a good opportunity and commented on how good a job Mike Tannenbaum does.
  • This game counts a game and a half. Huge game, were not coming in tip-toeing, coming in with the maximum effort to win this game. Going to give them everything we have.
  • Game is not about revenge or anything else, it's about whatever it takes to win a game. Got to beat the division rivals. About as big a game as it gets.
  • All three backs are 25 touch capable, but we are looking to do what's in the best interest of winning, if that means running it 45 times a game then that's what we will do.
  • Shonn Greene is 100% back and healthy.
  • Going to try and get Leon Washington the football. Get him as involved as possible he is one of the biggest explosiveness.
  • Can't remember there being too many 3-4's when he came in the league. People switched because the best teams were running a 3-4, but teams will play a defence that fits there players.
  • Wilcat is a 'pain in the tail'. Takes time and preparation. Have to be prepared, takes practise time, they may or may not run it. He's not flinching about the prospect of facing it, and the message is that we will be ready.

Wasn't a very long conference, around 10 minutes or so, and not a great deal was covered, I guess the important note to come out of it all was the injury status of the players.