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Joey Porter Continues Dolphins Talk

It seems like the Miami Dolphins players have some time on their hands this week, as we bring your another installant  of Dolphins talk. Earlier John brought you some comments from Channing Crowder and not here are some comments made by Joey Porter to the Miami herald:

`This conference isn't big enough for too many bullies,'' Porter said. ``There can only be a certain amount of bullies on the playground at one time before they fight and find out who the real bully is. We feel like the AFC East still runs through Miami, and they feel a different way.

``We split with them last year and won the one that counts. We plan on doing that again when they come here on Monday.''

It's all a little fun and game, and he's right we don't think that the AFC East runs through Miami, in fact personally I still think the AFC East runs through New England regardless of results last year. Hopefully that's going to change. I don't really understand the bully talk coming from Porter but I guess we will find out come Monday.

It's actually frustrating having to wait until Monday because that means we still have 4 days to get through in terms of comments like these.