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Channing Crowder Likes to Talk

Today's targets are Mark Sanchez and Leon Washington.

"We do not like each other," Crowder told the South Florida media, referring to Washington, a rival from their Florida-Florida State days. "(In college), I hated him. I hate him now. If I see him out, I'm not going to talk to him. I'm not going to slap him, but I'm not going to be pleasant."

They will face each other Monday night in Miami, where the Jets (3-1) meet the Dolphins (1-3).

"Every time he sees me, he starts cussing," Crowder said. "I see him and I start cussing. It's going to be like that the whole game."

Washington's response: "I eat clam chowder for breakfast. Tell him I said that."

Crowder also promised a few words for Sanchez.

"Sanchez is probably the only person I haven't cussed out, because he's a rookie," Crowder said. "He'll get cussed out this week. ... It's a rivalry. They don't like us. We don't like them."

Let's see if he can back up his talk. He hasn't so far this season.