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Practise Packs A Punch

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The Jets had a visitor today after they had completed their practise in anticipation of Monday nights show-down in Florida. Rex Ryan invited the pound for pound best fighter in the world and a personal favourite athlete of mine, Floyd Money Mayweather to talk to the team after completing the practise.

"We just invited him out and he took us up on it," Ryan said. "So it was great to see pound-for-pound the best fighter in the world. It was kinda neat to have him come out and watch practice. He’s a fan of football."

In doing so it looks like Rex Ryan has gained another fan:

"He's cool," Mayweather told the AP's Dennis Waszak. "I like that coach, man."

Floyd commented that the Jets colours of green and white were his personal favourites and he had some words about the teams performance and style:

"His message is he enjoys the way we play, the style of play," Ryan said. "And he’s got us in the top five teams in the league."