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Jonathan Vilma Admits 'I wanted to "Sock" Sanchez'

Jonthan Vilma wrote on his playe maker mobile blog that after receiving the low hit from Sanchez he wanted to get up and sock him:

"The Sanchez hit was a perfect example of me putting the team before myself. I could have easily gotten up and gone over there and pushed him, or did something to react, and then, I’d get in trouble, get a penalty that would hurt the team. I had no idea he was gonna do it.

"When he did it, I was ready to get up and sock him one, but I restrained myself. I saw the flags come out and I know it’s a long game so I said let’s just take the points and get the victory. He did call me and apologize (Tuesday). I'm not mad. He’s a rookie who didn’t know any better. He said himself he saw six guys coming at him and he didn’t know what to do. He sees (Darren) Sharper running down the sideline and six guys running at him, and I guess that’s just one of those rookie mental errors for him."

The NFL decided to fine Sanchez $5,000 for this incident and sure to be watching.

Sanchez apologized, an apology that was accepted and as Vilma said, he certainly is not mad. So issue closed, hopefully it won't happen again.