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Mark Sanchez Hit With $5K Fine For Vilma Hit

New York Jets rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez was fined $5,000 by the NFL for his low block on New Orleans linebacker Jonathan Vilma last weekend. The league offices don't confirm fines until Friday but Sanchez volunteered the information yesterday.

Sanchez dived at the legs of Vilma when Darren Sharper ran an interception back 99-yards for a touchdown in the second quarter Sunday. The low block resulted in a 15-yard personal foul penalty.

Vilma was less than impressed with the block, expressing some surprise with how it played out. Vilma agreed that the league should fine Sanchez for the low hit.

Sanchez, in a stand up move, said he called Vilma on Tuesday and apologized. The apology was reportedly well received by Vilma.

The first of four turnovers by Sanchez against the Saints, including three picks, Sharper's interception was the beginning of the end for Sanchez that day. Sanchez would also have a fumble recovered in the end zone for a touchdown.

I fully expect the young QB to bounce back strong against this week's opponent, the Miami Dolphins. He will need to because it appears the Dolphins are still steaming over the trash talk exchanged between Dolphins LB Channing Crowder and Jets head coach Rex Ryan. Expect the Dolphins defensive squad to be looking to cream the rookie at every chance.


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