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Pro Football Talk Makes Admittedly Baseless Accusations Against the Jets

They have no evidence. They admit it wouldn't make sense. These dabbles with logic don't stop Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk from making ridiculous accusations of the Jets tampering with Michael Crabtree and somehow connecting it with the Braylon Edwards trade.

The move comes only hours after the receiver whom the Jets allegedly coveted -- Michael Crabtree -- finally signed a contract with the San Francisco 49ersThough there's no specific evidence that the Jets were waiting to pull the trigger (perhaps not the best choice of words when talking about a New York receiver) on a trade with the Browns until Crabtree's situation was resolved, the circumstantial evidence will cause some to wonder whether Edwards was "Plan B" and Crabtree was "Plan A." 

The fact that the Jets couldn't have gotten their hands on Crabtree until March 1 at the earliest undercuts that theory.  Still, the timing is unusual, to say the least.

Look, I know this particular site doesn't pride itself on being a particularly credible source of news, but this is ridiculous. Florio even admits it wouldn't make sense for the Jets to go after Crabtree since they couldn't have dealt for him until March, which is after the season ends last time I checked. He admits he has no evidence. Still he decides to throw out an inflammatory accusation.

In some ways, I can see why Florio does what he does here. I understand better than most how difficult it is to maintain a football website. It's tough to find stuff to write on or to find new angles to stories. Still, there's a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it. Just throwing out wild statements with no evidence is wrong.