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Edwards Press Conference: Notes

These notes are going to jump all over the place as I was scribbling them while the conference was going on so bare with me.

Just before getting to what was said, I just want to say that he came across as a very mature individual, a guy who is ready to make this fresh start, and more so than anything, he looked relieved. It will probably become clearer why when you read some of the things:

  • Fresh start, and a clean slate. Works hard, and is a good team mate. Likes the direction that the team are going in and wants to do anything that he can to help the team out
  • Too much inconsistency in Cleveland. Too many variable changing, teams that win have to have consistency, and he mentioned the Colts and Patriots as example
  • It feels good to come in and start straight away on Monday. Cotchery makes a lot of good plays, understands that he needs to get in the playbook straight away.
  • Attributed some of his struggles to his own personal lapses in concentration. Needs to get back to the simple aspects of the game like focusing. Feels he has done that this off-season and pre-season.
  • Not going to be petty with his contract, he is fine with his contract and just wants to play football. He never released numbers of what he was looking for.
  • Every receiver drops passes but he just needs to get back to basic principle he learnt in college, the 1/2/3 rule, catch, tuck and run, in that order.
  • Needs to slow the game down, tries to rush things to much
  • When asked what he brings to the Jets offence he replied that he was a tall receiver, and very physical. He can block cornerbacks and safeties that will allow Thomas Jones to break off some big runs. Defenses have been responding to his ability this year.
  • Is confident that he is a great guy, does a lot of work with charities, and feels that in a negative situation, the good is often forgot or not emphasised as much as the bad.
  • He did get ticked off with the bad reputation that he gained. Knows he is a good guy, and wants to be a good guy in the future
  • Said that he felt the positivity in the locker room immediately. Lot of jokes flying around a few guys were making jokes about his pants (heard that was Bart Scott, although he didn't mention names) goes a long way to feeling accepted.
  • Spoke positively about coming to a 3-1 team and is looking forward to working towards the play-offs and the post season.
  • Played with a lot of QB's, plans to get together with Sanchez straight away, start building a rapport, and says he plays a selfless game and will mold his play around Sanchez.. Wants football to be fun again and take that approach with the Jets
  • Wants to prove that 2007 was not a fluke and those stats reflect his own ability. Needs to go out and do it consistently. Feels like he is now in a place where the team can help him as much as he can help the team, and words can't describe just how happy he is to be in NY
  • Negativity built up in Cleveland and it started to grind on you, with the negativity questions on a daily basis. The losing was frustrating and weighed on you when you were off the field, atmosphere of losing took the fun out of football.
  • Says that he is mature enough to deal with the media pressure in NY
  • Finally just wanted to say what an exciting day it had been, how after the conference he was going to look around the facilities then get straight into the playbook with Sanchez. Just generally happy.

Like I said earlier, he presented himself very well, wearing a Jet green jumper. Looked happy and ready to go. Will be out with the guys tomorrow ready to practise and prove himself, and is looking forward to Monday. Fresh start really does work for people and I have a feeling that this fresh start will work wonders for Braylon.