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Braylon Edwards' Baggage

Braylon Edwards has had some off field issues, chronicled here by ESPN.

In Edwards, the Jets obtained a receiver who gives rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez the legitimate deep threat they have lacked -- but who also faces an NFL investigation for off-the-field trouble.


The league is probing whether Edwards violated the league's conduct policy following accusations he assaulted a friend of NBA star LeBron James' outside a Cleveland nightclub Monday night.

Cleveland police are also looking into the incident.

Although Edwards hasn't been charged with a crime, the league's conduct policy states that discipline may be imposed for "the use or threat of violence."

Edwards has been involved in other off-field incidents, a factor commissioner Roger Goodell considers when handing out any discipline.

In March, Edwards was partying with suspended wide receiver Donte' Stallworth in Miami the night Stallworth later drove drunk and killed a pedestrian. Edwards was not with Stallworth at the time of the accident.


Look, these are real concerns. It's always risky bringing a guy with character issues into New York, the country's nightlife capital. The thing is the Jets had to make this trade. Edwards solves a lot of problems for them on paper, and they give up a minimal package to get him. I like Chansi Stuckey, but guys like him aren't that tough to find. They're at least easier to find than guys with Edwards' skills. I don't love parting with picks, but the Jets held onto their highest selections. Say you need a car. If somebody offers to sell you a new car with some issues that you don't love for the bargain basement price $2,000, you do it. Even if there's a car you like better, it will cost significantly more. The first one is still a new car, and you need one so you take the bargain.