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Braylon Edwards' Arrival: Brad Smith's Big Chance

Braylon Edwards' arrival in New York won't just make Mark Sanchez happy. It will give Brad Smith a chance to contribute in the short term. The starter Edwards will replace, Chansi Stuckey, is heading to Cleveland as part of the trade. It's too bad to lose Stuckey, who would have slid to slot receiver nicely, but this is kind of like giving up Kenyon Coleman and Abe Elam for Mark Sanchez. It's worth it.

Edwards is going to have to learn the playbook, although the adjustment might not be as great as it otherwise might be. He goes from a coordinator who learned under Brian Schottenheimer to Schottenheimer. Still, there is going to be an adjustment. It would be a mild surprise if Edwards was ready to start right off the bat. That means Brad Smith will step into the starting role. Smith has done a great job as a special teamer. He's been solid on gadget plays when he can get into open field. Now he'll have a chance to show the Jets he's ready to contribute at receiver.