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New York Jets at New Orleans Saints Game Thread

What a difference four years makes.

That was the last time the Jets faced the Saints. They were two of the worst teams in the league and played in one of the most unwatchable games in NFL history in primetime the Sunday after Thanksgiving. The ESPN crew covering that game made it out to be the 1972 Dolphins against the 1985 Bears.

This game might not have quite those historic tones, but it's a matchup of an elite offense against an elite defense. The winner may rate at the top of most power rankings next week and establish themselves as the Super Bowl favorite.

It will be a tough one for the Jets. This is the toughest challenge they've faced so far, and that dome is a tough place to play. They're due for a bad game. Plus, how could you be upset with 3-1? I would have signed up for that at the start of the season.

With that said, they've got a much better shot than a lot of people are willing to admit, and this game could show us this is not just going to be a good season. It could be a special one.

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