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Gameday: Lets Match It Up

Just doing my routinely Sunday sweep of everything New York Jets, and came across a couple of interesting snippets from the New York Post, I know that doesn't happen very often, unless you are looking to find out who Lohan is dating or the status of the Madonna/A-Rod relationship (you can tell I don't read the paper very often). It basically outlined a few individual match-ups today that might turn the tide of the game.

So after reading this I just wanted to ask our readers which match-up they are most looking forward to seeing today, and which one you all think will be the most important. So take a read and then leave some comments below:


Saints safety Darren Sharper vs. Jets tight end Dustin Keller. The Jets want to get Keller the ball more often and Sharper has three interceptions already, including one returned 97 yards for a touchdown.


The Jets pass rush must pressure Saints quarterback Drew Brees, who has looked as if he has been playing 7-on-7. Brees has a 118.1 rating with nine touchdown passes in three games. If the Jets don’t hit him and make him uncomfortable, he will pick them apart. The Jets, it should be noted, have held opposing quarterbacks to a

50.2 rating and an NFL-best 47.9-percent completion percentage. Brees leads the NFL with a 69.1 completion percentage. Again, something has to give.


Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey (14 catches, two TDs) has been productive this season and is healthy. That’s a tough combo platter for Ryan’s defense. Look for the Jets to be physical with him with linebackers Bart Scott and David Harris.