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Joey Porter Wants to Make Mark Sanchez Wear an Ice Pack

Joey Porter said he wants to hit Mark Sanchez hard tomorrow.

"He (Rex Ryan) made a little comment about Will Allen being hurt, saying, 'Boo hoo hoo,' as if it's a joke or something. We'll see if it's a joke on Sunday," Porter said. "I'm not worried about [Sanchez] eating hot dogs on the sideline. I'm worried about how I can get him on sideline, with an ice pack."

But hey, the Jets are just a classless team full of obnoxious trash talkers if you ask some Dolphins fans.

I really don't have any problem with what Porter said. When you play defense, you should want to hit the other quarterback hard. If he uses this to motivate himself, more power to him.  Let's see if he can deliver against a really good line.

I wonder what certain Miami backers who reside in glass houses think.