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Can the Crowd Get to Chad Henne?

Let's get one thing straight. Chad Henne is not your typical quarterback making his first road start in the NFL. Three years ago, he threw for 267 yards and 2 touchdowns in front of over 105,000 hostile Ohio State fans with a trip to the National Championship Game on the line.  He threw 4 touchdown passes in the Rose Bowl at 19 years old (3 were to teammate Braylon Edwards). He started 4 years at Michigan, a school with one of the most rabid fan bases in college football. It's going to take a lot more to get him rattled than it would your average quarterback.

Now let's think back to Week 2. The crowd in the Meadowlands got to Tom Brady. He was holding his hands over his earholes to hear the radio signals from the opening kick because it was so loud. He was taking uncharacteristic delay of game penalties, including an incredible two in a row because he lost his focus. The crowd took the Jets to another place that day and helped lift the defense to an incredible performance.

Will the crowd show up the same way tomorrow? This is another big divisional game against another bitter rival. This rival has plenty of guys who love to talk trash about everything that has to do with our team from our coach to our fans. (And yes Dolphins fans, I know the same is true of our side. You don't have to point that out.)

If you're going tomorrow, this is your assignment. Make it as miserable for Henne and the Dolphins as you made it for Brady and the Patriots in September. Let's hope the guys who run the entertainment system bring back the air rain siren they blew before every Pats drive in the home opener. That seemed to get everybody going.

How do you think the home crowd will affect the game?